0.7.0: 2013-05-19

  • Fix Issue.close, Issue.reopen, and Issue.assign. (Issue #106)

  • Add check_authorization to the GitHub class to cover the new part of the API.

  • Add create_file, update_file, delete_file, iter_contributor_statistics, iter_commit_activity, iter_code_frequency and weekly_commit_count to the Repository object.

  • Add update and delete methods to the Contents object.

  • Add is_following to the User object.

  • Add head, base parameters to Repository.iter_pulls.

  • The signature of Hook.edit has changed since that endpoint has changed as well. See: github/developer.github.com@b95f291a47954154a6a8cd7c2296cdda9b610164

  • github3.GitHub can now be used as a context manager, e.g.,

    with github.GitHub() as gh:
        u = gh.user('sigmavirus24')