0.8.0: 2014-01-03

  • Breaking Change Remove legacy search API

    I realize this should have been scheduled for 1.0 but I was a bit eager to remove this.

  • Use Betamax to start recording integration tests

  • Add support for Releases API

  • Add support for Feeds API

  • Add support for Two-Factor Authentication via the API

  • Add support for New Search API

    • Add github3.search_code, github3.search_issues, github3.search_repositories, github3.search_users

    • Add GitHub#search_code, GitHub#search_issues, GitHub#search_repositories, GitHub#search_users

  • Switch to requests >= 2.0

  • Totally remove all references to the Downloads API

  • Fix bug in Repository#update_file where branch was not being sent to the API. Thanks @tpetr!

  • Add GitHub#rate_limit to return all of the information from the /rate_limit endpoint.

  • Catch missing attributes – diff_hunk, original_commit_id – on ReviewComment.

  • Add support for the Emojis endpoint

  • Note deprecation of a few object attributes

  • Add support for the ReleaseEvent

  • Add GitHub#iter_user_teams to return all of the teams the authenticated user belongs to