0.3.0: 2013-01-01

  • In github3.repos.Repository

    • is_fork() and fork return the same thing

    • is_private() and private return the same thing as well

    • has_downloads, has_issues, has_wiki are now straight attributes

  • In github3.repos.Hook

    • is_active() and active return the same value

  • In github3.pulls.PullRequest

    • is_mergeable() and mergeable are now the same

    • repository now returns a tuple of the login and name of the repository it belongs to

  • In github3.notifications.Thread

    • is_unread() and unread are now the same

  • In github3.gists

    • GistFile.filename and GistFile.name return the same information

    • Gist.history now lists the history of the gist

    • GistHistory is an object representing one commit or version of the history

    • You can retrieve gists at a specific version with GistHistory.get_gist()

  • github3.orgs.Organization.iter_repos now accepts all types

  • list_* methods on Organization objects that were missed are now deleted

  • Some objects now have __str__ methods. You can now do things like:

    import github3
    u = github3.user('sigmavirus24')
    r = github3.repository(u, 'github3.py')


    import github3
    repo = github3.repository('sigmavirus24', 'github3.py')
    template = """Some kind of template where you mention this repository
    # Some kind of template where you mention this repository
    # sigmavirus24/github3.py

    Current list of objects with this feature:

    • github3.users.User (uses the login name)

    • github3.users.Key (uses the key text)

    • github3.users.Repository (uses the login/name pair)

    • github3.users.RepoTag (uses the tag name)

    • github3.users.Contents (uses the decoded content)

  • 60% test coverage with mock

  • Upgrade to requests 1.0.x