A Library for Using GitHub’s REST API

Release v1.1.0. is wrapper for the GitHub API written in python. The design of is centered around having a logical organization of the methods needed to interact with the API. As an example, let’s get information about a user:

from github3 import login

gh = login('sigmavirus24', password='<password>')

sigmavirus24 =
# <AuthenticatedUser [sigmavirus24:Ian Stapleton Cordasco]>

# Ian Stapleton Cordasco
# sigmavirus24
# 4

for f in gh.followers():

kennethreitz = gh.user('kennethreitz')
# <User [kennethreitz:Kenneth Reitz]>


followers = [str(f) for f in gh.followers('kennethreitz')]

There are several examples of different aspects of using


$ pip install


All developlment happens on GitHub. Please remember to add yourself to the list of contributors in AUTHORS.rst, especially if you’re going to be working on the list below.

Contributor Friendly Work

In order of importance:


I know I’m not the best at writing documentation so if you want to clarify or correct something, please do so.


Have a clever example that takes advantage of Feel free to share it.

Otherwise, feel free to example the list of issues where we would like help and feel free to take one.

Running the Unittests

The tests are generally run using tox. Tox can be installed lke so

pip install tox

We test against PyPy and the following versions of Python:

  • 2.7
  • 3.4
  • 3.5
  • 3.6

If you simply run tox it will run tests against all of these versions of python and run flake8 against the codebase as well. If you want to run against one specific version, you can do

tox -e py36

And if you want to run tests against a specific file, you can do

tox -e py36 -- tests/unit/

To run the tests, tox uses py.test so you can pass any options or parameters to py.test after specifying --. For example, you can get more verbose output by doing

tox -e py36 -- -vv


  • Twitter: @sigmavirus24
  • Private email: graffatcolmingov [at] gmail