4.0.0: 2023-04-23

Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • commits() was renamed to original_commits (max 250 commits). Now commits uses Github’s API to get the full commit list out of the compare endpoint, so enabled pagination/iterator on the commits within the Comparison class (@amaccormack-lumira). See also gh-1137

Features Added

  • Add tests for Python 3.11 (@cclauss). See also gh-1124

  • Add function for getting repos for github app (@pettermk). See also gh-1085

  • Cancel and failed invitation (@pallavisharma1210). See also gh-1091

  • Allow to set GitHub API version (@anz-ableton). See also gh-1121


  • Remove support to EOL Python 3.6 (@staticdev). See also gh-1103

Bug Fixes

  • Missing set permission for collaborators (@NargiT). See also gh-954


  • Bump the dev-requirements.txt (@offbyone). See also gh-1136

  • Modernize the build: switch to hatchling (@offbyone). See also gh-1142