1.3.0: 2019-01-24

Features Added

  • Add partial support for the Checks API:

    • Add support for listing check runs via check_runs and check suites via check_suites methods to RepoCommit, MiniCommit and ShortCommit classes

    • CheckRun.update to update the check run

    • CheckSuite.check_runs to retrieve the check runs for this suite

    • CheckRunOutput.annotations class to retrieve the annotations for a check run

  • Add unignore method to unignore notifications from repository for the user, to Repository and ShortRepository classes.

  • Add unsubscribe method to unsubscribe the user to repository’s notifications, to Repository and ShortRepository classes.

  • Add support for webhooks in an organization by adding:

    • OrganizationHook class

    • create_hook, hook, and hooks methods to ShortOrganization and Organization classes

  • A Project.retrieve_issue_from_content method was added to retrieve an Issue from the content url.

  • A Project.retrieve_pull_request_from_content method was added to retrieve a PullRequest from the content url.

  • Add support for Parent/Child teams via the hellicat-preview API preview type.

  • Add support for specifying merge commit titles when merging a Pull Request.

Bugs Fixed

  • Stop hard-coding GitHub url that breaks work with a GitHub Enterprise instance.

  • Set default connect and read timeouts in GitHubSession to avoid hangs.