1.2.0: 2018-08-22

This is a larger release with some enhancements and bug fixes.

Features Added

  • Partial GitHub Apps support. We added the following:
    • GitHub.login_as_app to login using JWT as an Application
    • GitHub.login_as_app_installation to login using a token obtained from an App’s JWT
    • GitHub.app to retrieve an application by its “slug”
    • GitHub.app_installation to retrieve a specific installation by its ID
    • GitHub.app_installations to retrieve all of an App’s installations
    • GitHub.app_installation_for_organization to retrieve an organization’s installation of an App
    • GitHub.app_installation_for_repository to retrieve an installation for a specific repository
    • GitHub.app_installation_for_user to retrieve an installation for a specific user
    • GitHub.authenticated_app to retrieve the metadata for a specific App
    • Not supported as of this release:
  • Organization Invitations Preview API is now supported. This includes an additional Invitation object. This is the result of hard work by Hal Wine.
  • A ShortLabel class was added to represent the shorter (description-less) representation of labels returned by the API.
  • The branch protections API is now completely represented in github3.py.
  • We now support the GPG Keys API.
  • We now support the Commit Search API.
  • We now support Repository Invitations.
  • We now have assign and unassign methods that support assigning and unassigning multiple users at once.
  • We now support review requests on Pull Requests.
  • We now support the ability for a user to activate their membership in an Organization.
  • We now support recurisvely traverse a tree via the API.
  • We now support enabling or disabling projects on a Repository.
  • We now support editing and reading Repository topics.
  • We now support Repository Pull Request merge settings.

Bugs Fixed

  • No longer require a Gist to have an owner.
  • Branch.latest_sha() now returns text (unicode) as documented.

Special Thanks

A great deal of the exception feature work done above was performed by the newest team member of the github3.py project: Jacopo Notarstefano (a.k.a, @jacquerie on GitHub). This project has had new life breathed into it thanks to Jacopo.