This part of the documentation covers a lot of lower-level objects that are never directly seen or used by the user (developer). They are documented for future developers of this library.


These classes are only to be used internally in development of this library.

class github3.models.GitHubCore(json, session)

The base object for all objects that require a session.

The GitHubCore object provides some basic attributes and methods to other sub-classes that are very useful to have.


Return the attributes for this object as a dictionary.

This is equivalent to calling:

Returns:this object’s attributes serialized to a dictionary
Return type:dict

Return the json data for this object.

This is equivalent to calling:

Returns:this object’s attributes as a JSON string
Return type:str
classmethod from_dict(json_dict, session)

Return an instance of this class formed from json_dict.

classmethod from_json(json, session)

Return an instance of this class formed from json.


Generate a new session.

Returns:A brand new session
Return type:GitHubSession

Number of requests before GitHub imposes a ratelimit.


Re-retrieve the information for this object.

The reasoning for the return value is the following example:

repos = [r.refresh() for r in g.repositories_by('kennethreitz')]

Without the return value, that would be an array of None’s and you would otherwise have to do:

repos = [r for i in g.repositories_by('kennethreitz')]
[r.refresh() for r in repos]

Which is really an anti-pattern.

Changed in version 0.5.

Parameters:conditional (bool) – If True, then we will search for a stored header (‘Last-Modified’, or ‘ETag’) on the object and send that as described in the Conditional Requests section of the docs